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Happy Birthday, Ronald!


"A Tribute from Shelley"

Ronald & Shelley
Ronald & Shelley

When I was a little girl I thought my Dad was the smartest, handsomest, most caring and loving man in the whole world. With the exception of a few years when I was a teenager,I have never lost that opinion. I have been told that we were "kinda poor" when I was growing up, but you couldn't prove it by my memories. I really cannot think of any times when I lacked for anything I needed or even most things I just "wanted". After all he did see to it that I got a Hula Hoop so that I would not be the "only kid in the class without one" when I was in fourth grade. His eyes didn't even roll very far back when I announced that I was the second kid in the class to get one!

To this day grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup bring back lovely memories of Saturday lunches in Oklahoma City. It was Dad's day to fix lunch for Rick and me while Mom was at work. It has since come to my attention that opening a can of soup is his "specialty", but to me it was (and still is) gourmet dining! The same goes for buttermilk, v8 or tomato juice (with a splash of Tabasco)saltines and jalapeno peppers, (though not necessarily all at the same time). He taught me that the best things in life are not always the most expensive or the rarest ones, and that education and knowledge are more important than "things" (although he does have an uncle in Chicago with two overcoats, but I always thought that was sort of an overindulgence).

Bottom line is, I could not have found a better Dad had I been given a choice. On my list of top ten most admired men he holds the first five spaces!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!
I Love You!!!

* Shell*

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