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Happy Birthday, Ronald!

"Fly Me to the Moon"

"A Tribute from Pam"

Ronald, Frances, & Pam Bereman
Ronald, Frances, & Pam Bereman

I was born on October 8, 1965, exactly 46 years to the day my Father was born. My Father has truly been a “Father” to me. I remember riding bikes and flying kites together, and our nightly ritual of Battleship and popcorn. I remember him coming to my track meets and cheering me on, and sharing in my disappointment when I lost. I also remember both of us being so bullheaded we argued about everything! My Father never yelled at me or spanked me, but I feared his disappointment in me much more than any of those punishments.

Through his example of high standards I have learned to achieve. Through his example of parenting I have learned how to be a positive part of the life of my stepdaughter. Through his example of managing his own finances I have learned to secure my future. And through his example of sticking with it no matter how hard it gets, I have learned determination. I don’t know what his life was like before he turned 46 and became MY Father, but for the last 34 years he has been the best daddy on earth.

I love you Dad -
Happy Birthday!

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