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Happy Birthday, Ronald!

"Que Sera Sera"

"A Tribute from Larry"

Ronald, Ronny, & Larry
Ronald, Ronny, & Larry

When I was little, perhaps 3 years old, maybe 4, there were only two of us Bereman kids then, Ron and me. Shelley didn't come along for another couple of years, Rick a couple of years later, and Pam, well, way later.

Mom, dad, Ron and I were on a fishing trip at one of Florida's infamous canals, somewhere outside of West Palm Beach. Dad had somehow gotten a fish hook tangled in mom's hair and was busy trying to undo it while Ron and I ventured to the edge of the canal to pick something, I still don't know what, floating on the water. They were little bulb-like things, kinda cool, actually, and we just had to have them.

Ron picked the ones nearest the shore, so I had to reach out farther for mine, and when I did, I fell in, and went straight toward the bottom.

I was actually on my way back up when I saw dad swimming down toward me. He grabbed me and brought me to shore.

When I tell this story, no one really seems to believe that I can remember it, but indeed I can. I remember trying to pick the bulb-like things and falling in, I remember dad swimming toward me, and I remember him bringing me to the shore.

It sure put a damper on the fishing trip, but it taught me a couple of lessons that were useful in growing up with Ron -- Pick the easy ones before Ron gets them, and stay clear of murky water.

One more thing about Ron. I believe him now.
He really IS Bugs Bunny.

As for Dad, I am really grateful that he did not leave it up to Ron to save me that day or I would not be around to wish him a
HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY today!!!

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