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Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism in the Classroom
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What Is Asperger Syndrome?
Social and Communication Skills
Visual Strategies
Behavior Strategies
Adults with Asperger Syndrome
Contact Information

Shelley L. Bereman-Benevides

HCR #2 BOX 6068 Keaau, Hawaii 96749

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Objective in creating this website:

To help educate the "educators" as well as the community in general about the unique world of Asperger Syndrome in an effort to bridge the gap between their world and the world of "typical" people, promoting the idea that neither is "wrong" only "Different", while fostering mutual respect for one another.

Experience and credentials

Presently Employed as a "Skill's Trainer" specializing in autism At The Institute For Family Enrichment (T.I.F.F.E.) since 7/1/01
Providing one on one services to children with autism spectrum disorder in classrooms and in the community

Read about T.I.F.F.E.

Previously employed as a Therapeutic Aide at Hawaii Behavioral Health Services (HBH) (10/1/95-7/1/01)
Providing one on one services to children and adolescents with autism and behavior issues in the community

Previously employed as a "Therapeutic Aide" at Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMD) (10/1/94-10/1/95)
Providing one on one support to children and adolescents with behavior issues.

My Personal Website "Da Kine Hawaiian Style"

For all that I am and all that I ever hope to be, I give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ