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Welcome to HiloShell's

"Off To See The Lizard"
Music sequenced by Sal Gripaldi. Used by permission from The Woodro.

Da Kine Hawaiian Style

If you just surfed in and don't know what Da kine means, then here's a short lesson in talking Hawaiian style. Da Kine is anything you want it to mean and is usually readily understood by the person you say it to. Like "hand me da kine" is whatever you are pointing at, or looking at, If you already akamai about Hawaiian style, then surf right on past the explanation and get DA KINE!!!

To Na Keiki 'O Hawaii

This page is dedicated to the children of Hawaii and is filled with aloha for each and every one, but I thank GOD for placing a particular few in my life.
NA KEIKI 'O HAWAII our moopuna
NA KEIKI 'O HAWAII all dear to my heart

A Special Dedication To A Very Special Child To Elijah Makana "Golden Eagle" Born November 30, 1990 Rose up on wings like an Eagle to be with our Lord Jesus Christ on November 18, 1998 Now he runs with the angels and has left all the cares of this earth behind We will miss you Eli and eagerly await the day that we too will rise up to be with God and you once again

Special thanks

To: MEMPHISJAN for all her help in making her Hawaiian cousin a little more computer literate.
DELBERT for waiting patiently while I work on this page and cooking dinner while I am at school or studying.
MATTHEW for making me laugh when I needed to the most
CARA for providing me with mo'opuna and for having an independent spirit even if I don't always like what the results are of it.
In loving memory of MOM,DAD & Cousin LINDA who all went home to Jesus in 2003. We love you and miss you guys but know you are safe in the Master's hands. PAM,RON,LARRY,RICK,SUSAN,and all of the people they love and are loved by, you are dear to my heart too!!! A very special dedication to the man who made my childhood memorable by being the only person I knew who could talk like Donald Duck!! My Uncle Bill Jones. There!!! you old silly!!!! Will you stop quacking now that I did not put you on my web page? I love you Uncle Bill! a Special dedication to a very special man can be found at My Dad Ronald Earl Bereman left this earth for a better place January 9, 2003 We miss you Dad but know that you are still with us in so many ways. We know because the owls tell us almost every day! A special dedication to the woman who made life fun for her children and was loved by all who knew her: My Mom Frances Elizabeth Jones Bereman who needed to "be with Dad and Jesus" and went to that better place to do just that on August 28, 2003. Life is still fun Mom, but a lot less so without your laughter.


It has been pointed out to me by my very dear friend Auntie U'ilani that I dedicated this page to my grandchildren (moopuna) and thanked Cara for providing me with lizards (mo'opuna). I decided to leave it as such, since Cara's feelings about lizards are family lore. Thank you Auntie U'I! I love you too!

Talking Hawaiian Style

Fish and poi and lau lau and lomi: It's all Hawaiian and it's all good!! If you are one of those people who think poi "tastes like wallpaper paste" just remember in Hawaii we don't eat wallpaper paste, so we really don't know if it does or not.

Today's Hawaiian language "mini" lesson word is "PAU" It is pronounced "pow" and means finished or done, as in "I am PAU working on this page for today."

Glad you stopped by, and hope you got a little ALOHA to take with you as you go on your way. ALOHA means "hello" "goodbye" and "I love you." ALOHA is the spirit of Hawaii.


Since May 10, 1998

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